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generic informations:

In Diablo 2 magic attributes are given by so called "Affixes". Each item can get a fixed number of affixes and each affix gives the item one or more specified magic attributes. For example, with the affix "of reflecting" a shield gets "20% increased blocking and 30% faster block rate"

Each item has got two intern, invisible qualities. These qualities are called "Itemlevel (ilvl)" and "AffixLevel (alvl)".
The itemlevel is given when the item is generated. If the item is dropped by some monster, then the itemlevel is equal the monster´s level. If the item is bought at nightmare or hell then the itemlevel corresponds the charakters level +5. The itemlevel at gambling fluctuates between the charakters level - 5 to the characters level + 4, but its at least 5. The itemlevel at the horadrimrecipe "3 chipped gems + one sword" is 30.

Simplified the affixlevel is calculated bye the itemlevel and the type of item. The affixlevel determines which magic attributes (affixes) are possible at the item.
Therefore each affix has got an minium affixlevel which is needed bye the item to get a speciefied attribute. Some affixes got an maximum affixlevel. These levels are given at the table at the row called "Level"

There is a German calculator to get an item's affix- and itemlevel at: LoD-Version, Classic-Version.

Additional some affixes are tinting items. For example: the affix "of pestilence" (25 poison-damage) tints an item green.
An item only can get one colour. If there is more than one tinting affix the item gts the colour of th first tinting affix.
Rings, amuletts, jewels and charms don´t change their colour.

magic items:

Affixes are subdiveded in Prefixes and Suffixes. At the item´s name prefixe are in the front and suffix are in the end. For example: at the item "glowing ring of the mind", glowing (+2 lightradius) is the prefix and of the mind (+4 to +6 energy) is the suffix.
At magic items only one prefix and on suffix are possible. The chances are:
only one suffix: 50%
only one prefix: 25%
prefix and suffix: 25%

Prefix and suffix (if given) are calculated seperately. The chance of an affix depends on the "frequenzy-row" (freq). Therefore all frequenzy values of the prefixes and suffixes, which are possible at the item are added. The chance ist the ratio of the frequenzy of the affix and the sum.

Example with numbers:
We are looking for the chance to get the prefix "cruel" at a balrogblade, cubed by the 3 chipped-gems recipe. One look at the table for balrogblades with an itemlevel of 30 shows us, that it is impossible to get the prefix "cruel" on a balrogblade done by this recipe.
Lets try it with a colossus-sword. At the table of colossus-swords with an itemlevel of 30 shows us, that the frequenzy of "cruel" is 4. The sum of all prefix-frequencies up to affixlevel 61 is 285. So, the chance to get the prefix "cruel" is 4 to 285, or 1.4%. Think of this: ther chance for a magic item to get a prefix is 50%. ´Cause of this the chance of getting cruel in this case is just 0.7%.

To get the whole thing a bit more comfortable there´s a script which calculates the chances automatically. You can get there by clicking at "calculate Affix-Chances: magic items" at the affixtable.

We got a grand charm from Baal. Now we´re interested ´bout the chance to get a sorc-skill bonus and at least 20 life. After we typed itemlevel: 95 at the right calculator and when we pressed OK, we´ve got to choose the prefixes "burning", "sparking" and "chilling" and the suffixes with more than 20 life ("of life", "of sustenance" and "of vita"). The relative small chance is shown above.

If an item got a prefix and a suffix and both affixes are tinting, the colour of the suffix is dominating. So the item will always get the suffixes colour.

Rare items:

At rare items only affixes which are marked yellow at the table are possible.
Rare items randomly get among 3 to 6 affixes, maximal 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes. Except jewels. At jewels 4 affixes are maximum. The rare-item´s names are generated randomly. They don´t contain affixes, ´cause they would be much too long then.
One after another 3 to 6 (or 3 to 4 at jewels) affixes are generated. Each time the chance of getting a prefix or a suffix is diced new. As long as both are possible the chance is 50 to 50.
The affixes are generated like at magic items, but theres a particularity: there will never be 2 affixes of the same group at an rare item. Because of this you can´t sum up frequencies of already given groups.
Because of this, the calculation of the chances to get a designated combination of affixes at rare items is very complex.

But there´s a calculator for this too :) You can get there by clicking at "calculate Affix-Chances: rare items" at the affixtable - surely just at items which can become rare. ´Cause of the camplex calculation it can take a few seconds to get the result.

We´re looking for an amulet, affixlevel 90, with +2 to assassin´s skills, more than 15 strenght, more than 15 dexterity, and more than 15 prisma. Therefore we choose the prefixes "witch-hunter´s" (+2 assassin) und "prismatic" (16-20% prisma) and the suffixes "of perfection" (16-20 dexterity) und "of the Titan" (16-20 strenght) at the calculator. The chance to get all 4 affixes will be shown above after clicking on "Calculate total chance"

Only one affix out of one affixgroup can be generated at the item. If you choose more than one affix per group the calculator will calculate the chance to get one of them.

We´re going to reduce our needs. Now we just want 10 strenght and dexterity at the amulet. Therefore we additinal choose the suffixes "of the Giant" (10-15 strenght) and "of Precision" (10 - 15 dexterity). Now we´re calculating the chance to get an amulet with +2 to asassin´s skills, 16-20% prisma, 10-20 dexterity and 10-20 strenght. As you can see the chance is still poor...

Crafted Items:

Craftet items can get up to 4 affixes (additional to the affixes given by the recipe), maximal 3 prefixes and maximal 3 suffixes. Only those affixes are possible which can be generated at rare items. The affixes given by the recipe don´t influence the other affixes.

It is not completly random how many affixes appear at the item.It depends on the items itemlevel.
ilvl 1-30: 4 affixes (20%),3 affixes (20%),2 affixes (20%),1 affix (40%)
ilvl 31-50:4 affixes (20%),3 affixes (20%),2 affixes (60%)
ilvl 51-70:4 affixes (20%),3 affixes (80%)
ilvl 71-99:always 4 affixes

Everything else is calculated like at the rare items.

The calculator of crafted items can be found at the link "calculate Affix-Chances: crafted items", the usage is right the same like as at the rare items.

We´re looking for the chance of a "blood-ring" to get 11% lifeleech. We´ve already calculated, that the ring´s itemlevel is 90. We put this information at the right table. Now we choose the suffix "of the Lamprey" (7-8% lifeleech). After this we´re calculating the chance: 1.7111978 %
But we´re not finished yet. If we choose the suffix "of the Lamprey" there can be 7% lifeleech as well as 8% lifeleech. ´Cause we need 8% lifeleech we have to divide the chance by 2: 0.8555989 %.
The recipe itself also got a chance to get 1% lifeleech as well as 2% or 3%. So to get the correct chance for the full 11% we have to divide the chance by 3: 0.2851996 %. Or lets say it so: one out of 350 rings is going to get 11% lifeleech.


Additional to the magic affixes also automods are available. These affixes can also appear on "non-magic" (white) items. Automods can be boni to single sorceress skills at sorceress-staffs or boni to single paladin´s skills at scepters for example. These automods are calculated independent of the magic affixes and are therefore not shown at the affix-tables.

More information about automods is available at (German only)

Text by Tub.
Translation by Tuvok.