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    Guide - Besprechung FanaZealot engl. Version

    Hallo zusammen,

    habe mich in letzter Zeit der Übersetzung des FanaZealot-Guide´s von Ciraxis gewidmet, um diesen im Englischen Forum zu veröffentlichen (siehe Signatur).

    Nun habe ich den Guide zum Teil ergänzt und umgeschrieben. Ich möchte dementsprechend eure Einschätzung und Kritik hören. Gern gesehen sind auch Spieltipps, die ich noch nicht drin habe.

    Bitte keine Grundsatzdiskussionen ob nun Grief oder Death besser sei etc pp...

    Auch sprachliche Verbesserungen brauche ich nicht, da dies bereits von anderen übernommen wird.

    Hoffe auf eure Unterstützung.

    Gruß EP

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    1. Introduction
    2. Attributes
    3. Skills
    4. Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow, FBR and FHR
    5. Items
    6. Hirelings
    7. How to fight against physical immun monsters
    8. Possible equipment combination
    9. Acknowledgement

    1. Introduction:

    The Fanazealot is a Paladin using the aura "Fanatism" combined with the very fast attack-skill "Zeal" to kill its opponents.

    2. Attributes


    The Paladin starts with a strength value of 25. Strength is needed to wear the equipment. Moreover strength has another effect to damage. One point results in 1% enhanced damage.

    Recommendation: As much as necessary for the equipment.


    Here the Paladin starts with a value of 20. The skill regulates the chance to hit and the chance to block attacks. One point in dexterity increases the basic attackrating by 5. The chance to block an attack chance is computed thereby according to the following formula:

    Chance to block = [ (block rate of the shield)*(dexterity - 15)/(Clvl*2) ]

    Recommendation: As many as needed for the equipment and maximum block chance


    The Paladin starts with a vitality of 25 and thus with 55 lives and 89 Stamina. 1 Vitality point gives 3 Life and 1 Stamina. Each Character Level the Paladin gets additionally 2 lives and 1 point of stamina.

    Recommendation: As soon as you have enough strenght and dexterity you can spend the rest of your points in vitality.


    At the beginning the Paladin has 15 points of energy, leading to 55 Mana. One Energy point gives 1.5 Mana. However the FanaZealot not really needs much Mana, so that an increase is not necessary.

    Recommendation: Do not spend points here


    Strength: As many as needed for the equipment.
    Dexterity: As many as needed for the equipment and maximum block percentage.
    Vitality: All points you got left.
    Energy: Nothing
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    3. Skills

    3.1 Combat Skills:

    Sacrifice: Increased damage at the cost of health. This skill boosts your damage output substantially but also reflects 8% of the damage back to yourself. The most important thing to understand about Sacrifice is that the more damage your weapons does, the more life will be drained from yourself. Items with "% Life Stolen Per Hit" and/or "Damage Reduced By %" may solve this problem.

    Recommendation: Synergy to Zeal – 20 points

    Smite: Shield bash that does damage and knock back. Smite is a very good skill, because it always hits, cannot be blocked, stuns, and knocks back. When coupled with "Crushing Blow" and a high level Holy Shield, Smite can now provide a hefty amount of physical damage to a single target. It is a great skill versus bossmonsters.

    Some more facts on Smite:
    • Smite always hits a target in range, so Attack Rating does not matter when using this skill.
    • Smite does not work with Life/Mana % Steal.
    • Smite is a weapon skill and thus is affected by Attack Speed (e.g. 'Fanaticism') and is not affected by Cast Rate. Smite works with any "X% Chance to cast level Y (spell) upon striking" ability on your weapon.
    • The Fire/Cold/Lightning damage added to attacks with the Holy-Fire, Holy-Freeze, and Holy-Shock auras do not add onto Smite damage.
    • Smite can steal life with life tap cursed on target.
    • Smite can deal crushing blow and open wounds damage, but not deadly strike and elemental damage.
    • Using Smite will reduce the durability of your weapon NOT shield.

    Recommendation: 1 point

    Holy Bolt: Bolt of energy that damages undead, or heals friendly units.

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to "Holy Shield"

    Zeal: The skill that is our namesake - Zeal increases your Attack Rating, damage and allows you to attack multiple adjacent monsters. Additional points into Zeal increase the number of swings per use of Zeal up to 5.

    Recommendation: 20 points- This is our main attack skill

    Charge: Closes the distance with an enemy, delivering a bash on contact. Charge is the combat skill with the most amount of damage. Moreover the chance to hit is increased by a great deal. You can only use Charge on a Monster if you are already not in melee range. You will have to back away or select another monster that is further away. While the FanaZealot does not use this skill to attack, its still useful to close the distance to ranged attackers or to travel faster.

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to "Holy Shield"

    Vengeance: Adds Elemental (Fire, Lightning and Cold) damage to all melee attacks. This skill combined with the aura Conviction can be useful against physical immunes, but it does demand some skill point investment and it is mana intensive.

    Recommendation: 0 - x

    Blessed Hammer: This skill sends out a little glowing Hammer. The Hammer spins around you making a wider and wider turn until it disappears. Blessed Hammer has the ability to damage multiple enemies if it hits them. It ignores the resistances and immunities of undead and demon monsters. This skill receives bonuses from Concentration.

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to "Holy Shield"

    Holy Shield: Increases smite damage, shield defense, and most importantly blocking. Holy Shield is not a passive skill, it is similar to the Sorceress' Frozen Armor spells. To create a Holy Shield, cast the spell. It will last until it wears off which will be determined by how many skill points you spended.

    Recommendation: 20 points

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    3.2 Offensive Auras:

    Might: Might will increase your (and your party's) physical damage output. However, the other skills down the tree will render might obsolete. You can use Scepters, Unique items that add +1 to Skills, or Sigon's Guard to give additional points in Might until you're able to use Concentration and Fanaticism respectivly.

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to Fanaticism

    Holy Fire: Provides fire damage.

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to Conviction

    Thorns: Thorns reflects a huge amount of physical damage back at your foes. However, in order for thorns to work, you have to get hit and that's not going to happen often with a paladin's defense. Not very useful for a zealot.

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to Conviction

    Blessed Aim: Increases Attack Rating. Note that the skill also provides 5% Attack Rating bonus per hard point invested while the aura is not active.

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to Fanaticism

    Concentration: Concentration will increase your (and your party's) physical damage output. It also Reduces the chance that your attacks will be interrupted.

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to Fanaticism

    Holy Freeze: Provides cold damage and slows nearby enemies. Cold Resistances and the Cannot Be Frozen ability will not affect Holy Freeze. However, it is a skill that is available on a merc so a heavy investment in here would almost be a waste.

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to Conviction

    Sanctuary: Sadly the skill description which sais "Damage +X% To Melee Attacks vs Undead" is not correct. The only effects that work are knockback, the magic damage "pulse" and the effect to ignore all physical resist on undead monsters. In other words, if you deal 100 physical damage and you turn on Sanctuary, you can attack a physically immune wraith and you'll still deal 100 physical damage (because you ignore their resists).

    Recommendation: 1 point, cause its a prerequisite to Conviction

    Fanaticism: Your primary offensive aura. Increases Attack Speed, Attack Rating and damage.

    Recommendation: 20 Points

    Conviction: Reduces enemy Defense and the Resistance. This aura does not lower an enemy's magic or poison resistance. Conviction will remove immunities which will allow you or your party members to damage monsters that were previously untouchable with immunities. There is a cap of -150% resistance and you will not be able to remove some monster's immunities in hell level.
    This aura, when breaking an immunity, will only function at 1/5 effectiveness.

    Recommendation: 1 point is enough to handle Monsters that are immun to physical damage.

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    3.3 Defensive Auras

    Prayer: Heals all party members. There is a steady mana drain on the Paladin as long as anything he's sharing Prayer with is being healed. If he and all his friends have full hitpoints, then there is no mana cost until someone loses some health. Prayer is best used after battle. Before focusing in Prayer, keep in mind Redemption is available at Level 30. Redemption has the potential to heal much faster and only needs monster corpses to support rather than mana.

    Recommendation: 1 point

    Defiance: Boosts the Defense of all party members. If you have some Skillpoints to spare you can spend them here, cause Defiance is a synergy to Holy Shield.

    Recommendation: 1-xx points

    Cleansing: Reduces poison and curse duration for all party members. This aura is a one-point-wonder, cause it is very helpful to reduce the duration of the curse "iron maiden".

    Recommendation: 1 point

    Vigor: Increases speed, stamina, and stamina recovery for all party members. Vigor allows you and your party to travel faster, further, and longer! This is definitely a must have skill for fast paced game players. Switch to Vigor whenever you are not fighting and not in any danger of enemy monsters. Use it when traveling over long distances that have already been cleared, use it in town to get to the NPC faster. Use it to return to town faster from the field. This can even be combined with Fastest Run/Walk items to make the Paladin run even faster! This is one skill you don't want to miss.

    Recommendation: 1 point

    Redemption: Periodically attempts to redeem corpses for health and mana. Redemption does not regain mana or health for other party members, minions, monsters that have been converted or hirelings. To use Redemption, get within range of some dead monster bodies and turn on the aura. Whenever the Paladin can kill monsters creating bodies, he can use Redemption to regain mana and health. This aura works much faster than Prayer and requires no mana, just monster bodies. The best way to use Redemption is to kill a few monsters, then run in circles around the monster's corpses until they are redeemed, then jump back into combat. Redemption can also be used to get rid of monster bodies preventing any other creatures such as Shamans from raising the bodies.

    Recommendation: 1 point

    Salvation: Increases all elemental resistances for all party members. Salvation provides 60% Resistance to Fire, Cold, Lightning (but not Poison), with the first skillpoint.

    Recommendation: 1 point


    -Sacrifice: 20
    -Zeal: 20
    -Holy Shield: 20
    -Fanaticism: 20
    -Defensive and prerequisite skills: 1

    Keep in mind that Synergies only take into account the base skill level and not the bonus-skillpoints you receive by items. This is true for all synergies, except for Prayer.

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    4. Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow, FBR and FHR

    Deadly Strike gives you a chance of hitting for double damage. The damage is doubled after all other bonuses have been applied, including strength or dexterity modifying weapon damage, but only physical damage will be doubled.

    Crushing Blow reduces the target’s current life by a certain amount, depending on the attack type and the kind of target. Against normal monsters, it reduces 1/4 of their current life when you’re using a melee attack, and 1/8 when you’re using a ranged attack. Against bosses, it’ll reduce 1/8 of their current life if it’s a melee attack, or 1/16 if it’s a ranged attack. Against mercenaries and players, it’ll reduced 1/10 of their current life if it’s a melee attack, and 1/20 if it’s a ranged attack. PvP penalty doesn’t affect Crushing Blow, but the damage dealt is reduced by Damage Reduction % items, so it’ll be less effective against monsters with Damage Reduction, and against opponents with a lot of Damage Reduction. Crushing Blow only takes into account the base life of the monsters at players 1, so it’ll be less effective when there are more players in the game.

    If a character got hit by an enemy and looses a twelfth of his life total, the character will get into a hit recovery phase. The ability Fast Hit Recovery will reduce the time a character stays in the hit recovery phase.

    The Fast Hit Recovery breakpoints for Paladins are the following:
    FPS Paladin
    9   0%
    8   7%
    7   15%
    6   27%
    5   48%
    4   86%
    3   200%
    2   4680%

    As you might know, if a character wears a shield, he will be able to block a physical attack, even if the attack allready bypassed his defense. Nevertheless this action needs some time. The ability Fast Block Rate reduces the amount of time a charakter has to pause between blocking, so more blocks are possible.

    Fast Block Rate:

    Without Holy Shield:
    FBR Paladin
    5   0%fbr
    4   13%fbr
    3   32%fbr
    2   86%fbr
    1   600%fbr
    With Holy Shield:
    FBR Paladin
    2   0%fbr
    1   86%fbr
    As you can see the skill Holy Shield takes care of this ability. So there is no need to look for items with Fast Block Rate.

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    5. Items:

    When compiling your equipment try to focus on the following features:

    - Increased Attack Speed (This estimator might help you. Link)
    - Crushing Blow
    - Death Strike
    - Resistance
    - Life Leech

    Because Zeal does not need a lot of mana to use, there is no need for mana leech. Also you dont necessarily need physical damage reduction, the Skill Holy Shield will provide enough defense and block to stay alive.

    Other useful facts:
    • Life Leech and Mana Leech are reduced to 1/2 their effect in Nightmare, and to 1/3 in Hell.
    • Absorb % is capped at 40%, so you won’t be able to become totally immune to an elemental attack if you don’t combine this kind of absorb with absolute absorb.
    • Damage Reduction % is capped at 50%.


    Baranar's Star
    This is a solid weapon to survive, even when playing Hell difficulty. The huge amount of elemental-damage helps to kill physical immun enemies without switching the weapon and/or the aura.

    Nord's Tenderizer
    I think in general Nord's Tenderizer is slightly better than Baranar's Star, because it offers more physical damage. But the advantage is not crucial, both are solid weapons to master hell difficulty.

    Demon Limb
    This one is the flamy counterpart of Nord's Tenderizer. Try to get an ethereal version to utilize the self-repair ability. If not used as a main weapon, Demon Limb is also a nice choice for the second weapon slot, to utilize the Level 23 Enchant Charges. If you use Enchant with Demon Limb in the second slot, it will enchant your main weapon in the first slot too.

    This weapon is outstanding in terms of speed and elemental damage. However it lacks good physical damage to become a first class choice, but its still solid.

    This weapon offers a huge amount of speed and raw physical damage for a reasonable price. Note, that Oath has the ability "indestructable", so you are able to use this runeword with an ethereal item.

    Astreon's Iron Ward
    Astreon does not have the same amount of damage Oath has, but abilities like 33% Chance of Crushing Blow or Damage +40-85 compensate this loss. The ability Damage +40-85 increases our smite a lot, making it very easy to kill bossmonsters quick.

    Death Cleaver
    Like Astreon, Death Cleaver does not offer that much physical damage, but it offers an amazing amount of Deadly Strike to compensate this disadvantage.

    At the first look Stormlash does not seem to be much better than the weapons we discussed so far. But the ability to trigger a Level 10 Static Field On Striking makes it one of the best weapons for a FanaZeal. Zeal is one of the fastest attacks in the game, so Static Field will trigger very often. The big advantage is that we are able to deal damage to multiple targets. Also Static Field helps to kill bossmonsters quicker.

    Schaefer's Hammer
    This weapon is similar to Stormlash with the advantage that it offers more raw physical damage and the disadvantage, that it is very slow. You have to rely on a special equipment to bring this big hammer to maximum speed. With items like Treachery this can be achieved.

    Now we arrived at the top. Death is maybe the best weapon you can give to a FanaZealot. Just look at the stats and you will see what I mean. The huge amount of Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike enables our Paladin to be very flexible with the rest of his equipment.

    It is still an unanswered question whether Grief or Death is the best weapon for a FanaZeal Paladin. I think it depends on the situation and your other equipment. Grief offers much raw damage combined with great speed (this runeword can be used in a phaseblade) and increased Smite-Damage, while lacking Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike. So you have to rely on items like Duress or Guillaume's Face to compensate this loss. At the End I think you wont see a big difference useing one of these great weapons.


    This is just a good allround package for our paladin, offering a little bit of everything we need. The runeword´s only drawback is that it lacks the enhanced defense feature.

    Duress is slightly better than lionheard especially cause it offers more offensive stats. Crushing Blow and cold damage are allways nice to have. However Duress does not have that much elemental resistances, so it depends on the rest of your equipment if you can use this armor.

    This runeword is very interesting even if it is made for Assasins. You can utilize the "5% Chance To Cast Level 15 Fade When Struck". Fade will provide a huge amount of elemental resistances and some physical resistance too. Try to trigger Fade in an area which is not very dangerous (For example little fireplaces are able to deal little damage, without the danger of getting killed). Once triggers Fade will be renewed constantly while you fight. Also you may need the "+45% Increased Attack Speed" for example if you use a slow weapon like Schaefer's Hammer.

    Duriel's Shell
    A nice armor with a low strength requirement, decent defense (upgrade possible), some extra life and fantastic resists.

    Fortitude is every FanaZealot´s dream. You wont find any other armor with more offensive potential combined with solid defensive abilities. First Choice!

    Chains of Honor
    While Fortitude offers great offensive stuff combined some solid defense, Chains of Honor works vice versa providing great defensive features (8% Life Stolen Per Hit, All Resistances +65, Damage Reduced By 8%) combined with some offensive abilities. There is no obvious winner when comparing this two armors. It depends on personal preferance, playstyle, the rest of your equipment and last but not least the runes you have available.


    Guillaume's Face
    In 90% of all times this helmet is a must have for our FanaZealot. There is no better way to get huge amounts of Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike.

    Andariel's Visage
    This item has the main disadvantage, that your Paladin will look pretty weird, when wearing it. But if you do not care about looks, this mask got some decent features. +2 To All Skills, 20% Increased Attack Speed and 8-10% Life Stolen Per Hit is very useful for our FanaZealot. To compensate the -30% fire resist, put a Ral-Rune or a juwel with fire resist into the mask.

    Crown of Ages
    In some cases Crown of Ages maybe better than Guillaume's Face. For example if you still have huge amount (90-100%) of Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike without Guillaume's Face. Then Crown of Ages is the better choice, cause it offers superior defensive features and it has 2 sockets, which can be filled with anything you need (damage, life, mana etc.).


    Although this shield maybe better on a Paladin that casts spells, it still serves well on our FanaZealot, providing much elemental resistance, FHR and +2 to all skills.

    This one is often overlooked, but it offers some useful things. 20% Increased Chance of Blocking, All Resistances +25 and Cannot Be Frozen are the relevant features. If you put this runeword in the right shield, it will serve you well even in hell difficulty.

    Herald Of Zakarum
    Not much to say here. This shield offers everything our paladin needs, and more. First Choice!!

    Many people think Exile should be a great shield for a FanaZealot, because of the high defense rating it provides. But keep in mind, that due to the skill Holy Shield, our Paladin allready has a great defense rating, even without Exile and the additional Deviance Aura. Further more in Diablo 2 the defense rating is affected by diminishing marginal utility. That means the more defense you have the less effective an additional improvement will be regarding the chance to be hit by an enemy. The difference between 12000 defense and 15000 defense is less big than the difference between 4000 and 7000. If you now compare the other abilities of Exile to Herald Of Zakarum, you will see that the latter is quite simply the better shield for a FanaZealot.


    Dracul's Grasp
    These Gloves are a great defensive package offering % Life Stolen Per Hit, Chance To Cast Level 10 Life Tap On Striking and Life After Each Kill. With these gloves, your zealot can survive about any situation the game throws at you.

    Many people don’t realize what a great pair of gloves Bloodfist are. Look at the stats: +40 vitality, 30% FHR, 10% IAS and +5 min dmg make these gloves a very good choice, especially because they are available at level 9.

    Laying of Hands
    This pair of gloves are maybe used the most on a FanaZeal. Although they can be found very often the stats are very useful. They provide substantial fire resist as well as Increased Attack Speed and last but not least will increase your damage by 350% for about 1/3 of the monsters in the game.

    Although these gloves require 185 strength, they are a good choice for our FanaZealot. If you dont need Incresed attack Speed from your gloves, Steelrends offer a lot of offensive features.

    Crafted Gloves
    Crafted items are similar to rare items, but cannot be Gambled, dropped by Monsters or found in Chests. They can only be created with The Horadric Cube. Crafted Items have 3-4 Fixed Properties and 1-4 Random Magical Prefixes/Suffixes.

    The recipe our Paladin likes the most is Bloodcraft:

    Crafted Recipe for Gloves: Magic Heavy Gloves/Sharkskin Gloves/Vampirebone Gloves, Nef Rune, Perfect Ruby and any Jewel.

    Fixed Effects:

    - Crushing Blow (5-10)%
    - (1-3)% Life Stolen Per Hit
    - +(10-20) To Life

    As you can see we benefit very much from two of the fixed properties. Combined with 1-4 random Magical Prefixes/Suffixes (especially 20% Increased Attack Speed) crafted gloves are as good as the mentioned unique gloves.


    String of Ears
    This is a very nice belt for our FanaZealot. A decent amount of Life Stolen Per Hit together with damage reduction features make this belt stand out.

    Nosferatu's Coil
    This belt seems to be made for a FanaZeal. It combines Increased Attack Speed with Life Stolen Per Hit and some other useful stuff. Many item combinations only work, cause you have access to this little belt.

    Thundergod's Vigor
    Lightning absorb and additional Maximum Lightning Resist maybe needed sometimes when dealing with souls etc. The other stats make this a decent option for primary belt as well. If you dont need any more Increased Attack Speed or Life Stolen Per Hit from your belt, this would be your best option.


    Gore Rider
    These Boots are without a doubt the best a FanaZealot can get. They simply have the most offensive potential. First choice!

    Goblin Toe
    These boots could be named Gore Rider´s little brother. The only relevant ability you need is 25% Crushing Blow.

    War Traveler
    Because of additional damage combined with Faster Run/Walk and some bonus stats these boots deserve to be mentioned.


    Raven Frost
    You will need "cannot be frozen" and this ring is the best way to get it. Remember that You can't Zeal very fast if you are frozen! Together with some useful stats like cold absorb and dexterity this ring is a great package that just can't be ignored.

    One ring slot should be filled with a nice rare or crafted ring. Most of the times you need some additional Life Stolen Per Hit, some extra elemental resistance and/or stats. Such a Ring can satisfy this needs. If you want to craft one the Bloodcraft recipe should be the best choice.


    Highlord's Wrath
    This one is unrivaled. Whats better than getting 20% IAS from an Amulet together with about 35% Deadly Strike. As a bonus you get 35% lightning resist.


    When choosing your charms just follow the rule: Fill up your needs. If you have Torch and Annihilus, use them. This charakter does not benefit much from skill charms, regardless of which kind. Use charms with max-damage, resis, life, FHR, whatever you need.

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    6. Hirelings:

    As a FanaZealot you do not necessarily need a hireling. You can handle every part of the game on your own. Nevertheless our Paladin can benefit a lot by using one.

    The best choice for a FanaZealot is a Desert Mercenaries, which can be hired in act 2 from Greiz in Lut Gholein.

    If Hirelings have any special abilities, they will be listed in the recruitment window.

    Skills: Jab, plus one of the following auras:

    Combat (Normal): Prayer
    Combat (Nightmare): Thorns
    Combat (Hell): Prayer
    Defense (Normal): Defiance
    Defense (Nightmare): Holy Freeze
    Defense (Hell): Defiance
    Offense (Normal): Blessed Aim
    Offense (Nightmare): Might
    Offense (Hell): Blessed Aim

    I suggest using either one with a "Holy Freeze"- or "Might"-Aura, depending on your Offensive- and Defensive-Potential.

    Regarding the equipment of our mercenary try to focus on life-leech, resistance and damage. Keep in mind, that you can use ethereal items on your hireling. Ethereal items do not lose durability on hirelings.

    There are just too many options you can choose from, so I will not list every possible Item. Only The Reaper's Toll deserves to be highlighted:

    The Reaper's Toll
    Two-Hand Damage: (34-40) To (408-479) (221-259.5 Avg)
    Required Level: 75
    Required Strength: 114
    Required Dexterity: 89
    Durability: 65
    Base Weapon Speed: [-10]
    +190-240% Enhanced Damage (varies)
    Ignore Target's Defense
    Adds 4-44 Cold Damage
    11-15% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
    33% Deadly Strike
    33% Chance To Cast Level 1 Decrepify On Striking
    Requirements -25%

    Decrepify slows the attack (except missiles from monsters), reduces the damage output of monsters and makes monsters more susceptibile to physical damage. Target's Speed, Damage and Physical Resistance is reduced by -50%. The physical damage reduction can also break immunities.

    7. Fighting physical immune Monsters:

    In Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction there are some monsters with immunity to physical damage. Because the FanaZealot relies mainly on physical damage this monsters pose a threat. But there are some solutions to solve this problem.

    As mentioned above, if you equip your hireling with Reaper's Toll, he will be able to break the physical immunities by casting Decrepify on striking. Note that this wont work on physical immun monsters with the "Stoneskin" ability.

    The second weapon-slot:
    Just use a weapon and/or shield with much elemental-damage in the second weapon-slot. Possible choices are: Azurewrath, Demon Limb, Nord's Tenderizer, Baranar's Star or Gimmershred.

    A few skill-points in Conviction and Venagance are enough to handle most of the physical immun monsters.

    8. Possible eqipment combinations:


    Waffe: Baranars Stern, Demon Limb, Nord's Tenderizer
    Helm: Guillaume's Face
    Rüstung: Lionheart, Treachery, Duriel's Shell
    Schild: Spirit/Rhyme
    Handschuhe: Laying of Hands
    Schuhe: Goblin Toe
    Gürtel: String of Ears
    Ring1: Raven Frost
    Ring2: rare/craft ring
    Amulett: Highlord's Wrath


    Waffe: Stormlash/Astreon's Iron Ward
    Helm: Guillaume's Face
    Rüstung: Duress
    Schild: Herald Of Zakarum
    Handschuhe: Laying of Hands
    Schuhe: Gore Rider
    Gürtel: String of Ears/Nosferatu's Coil
    Ring1: Raven Frost
    Ring2: rare/craft
    Amulett: Highlord's Wrath


    Waffe: Grief/Death
    Helm: Guillaume's Face
    Rüstung: Chains of Honor/Fortitude
    Schild: Herald Of Zakarum
    Handschuhe: Laying of Hands/Dracul's Grasp
    Schuhe: Gore Rider
    Gürtel: Nosferatu's Coil
    Ring1: Raven Frost
    Ring2: rare/craft
    Amulett: Highlord's Wrath

    9. Acknowledgment:

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    Ex-Staffmember Benutzerbild von Ciraxis
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    Schaut ja bis jetzt ganz gut aus.

    Itemssektion kann man noch verbessern. Friede (verdammt gut), Stahlklang etc.

    Sonst haste noch paar gute Sachen mit eingebracht. Was ich vergessen, nicht beachtet und so weiter habe.

    Technik erlaubt es uns mit interaktiver erotischer Software die aufregendsten Sachen anzustellen ... das ist die Zukunft Dude .... 100% Elektronik!

    Wenn der Eisbär die Sterne vom Himmel frisst, wird es morgen regnen.

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    schöne arbeit du

    ich hab mal bissel geschaut und bissel konfus mitgeschnitten, was mir eingefallen is

    blockcalc einbauen

    mal bissle schlechtschreibung

    Strength: As many as needed for the equipment.
    Dexterity: As many as needed for the equipment and maximum block percentage.
    Vitality: All points you got left.
    Energy: Nothing
    as many points/ as much as you need

    though i am no friend of the "all rest in vita" i`d aim for 1-1,2 or 1,3k life and put the rest in strength for damage.
    the better your equipment, the less life you need

    "this attack is our name`s sake/sake of our name ansonsten wäre es namensvetter oder so
    continuing, you should mention that zeal is not out first damage pusher because sacrifice offers more damage and we get ar in the first place from fanatism, so one might think of maxing it later and not in the first place.

    holy shield: as a gebinner it might be good wo work only with a holy shield at level 16 or f.e. if there is a lack of AR, it might be nice to put someppoints into BAI

    5.- Resistance

    leech: i would mention how leech actually works, so that the rumor of having leechpercetages that are divideable by 3 is worked against, so that you leave this bias out of the guide

    giong to the skilltree you should mention that there are other ways of fighting physical immunes than convzeal or vengeance like zeal with ad or dec on strike, your mercenary or just elemental damage from items
    pure magical damage is also an option

    amus: while using weapons like a death cleaver or a headstrike, a highlords may not be of great use, an atma`s or a cat`s eye may be better

    shield: griswolds with maxdam / rare 30/20 mith maxdam come to my mind as other options, i would never use a spirit on a zealot due to the crappy block... sanctuary may also be an option
    if we talk about extremely slow weapons like a death ettin, an Ias`ed gris may also be nice to have

    helmet.. why do you mentiona Coh, sorry that is totally beyond me, i cannot think of that many setups where i would not loose great amounts of damage if I used a Coa and not a Gulli.In fact i can think of none

    I can only think of 2 weapon that can reach 100% ds without a gulli and that are a headstriker and a death cleaver, if we come to cb, there are even less setups.
    going over it, we may loose 15-30% ds wich is something i doubt that the 2 sockets of a coh can make up for

    armors: heads/gris

    weapon: mention that the schaeffers does not need that much ar so it may or may not be useful not to max zeal and save the skills for other things

    demon limb and flamy.. hmm i`d use fiery but that is just taste,
    and the part about nords, somehow the sentence looks a bit odd to me. I`d go for the gerund in this sentence or put a "you" in there somewhere

    maybe as a low budget weapon, an honor scourge is nice, too.

    hirelings: mention the ias caps that the mercenaries have, it may be better to fight with less damage at a higher cap. you should also do a little itembase for the hirelings like: andies, tals,CoT,gaze
    obedience/insight/reaper`s toll, hone,tombreaver

    your equipment choices, if you use a grief pb, you don`t need a nossi, because you already have 20-40 ias from your eq. this makes the nossi pointliess in that setup, rather use a string of ears

    Waffe: Baranars Stern,
    immunes: mention dragonscales and titmat`s rebuke, also mention that you need the lelemental damage to work with conviction, only conviction won`t allow you to kill any Pi monsters.

    mention that zeal is an attack of great speed, it may therefor trigger the firestorm of a torch pretty often, causing disconnects.
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