Orisa Gameplay & Skins (Overwatch)

Overwatch Orisa gameplay on the PTR. We also look at skins, voice lines, emotes, victory poses, etc. Formerly known as Anchora, Osira is a new tank hero. Release date on PC, Xbox One and PS4: March 14 (educated guess).

Overwatch gameplay (PC – no commentary) all characters:

Part 1: Bastion, D. Va, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Lucio, McCree, Mei, Mercy, Pharah. https://goo.gl/Df9tMY

Part 2: Reaper, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Soldier 76, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston, Zarya, Zenyatta. https://goo.gl/rM3B9a

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Executive producers: Kiskaloo, MohEternal, NickTick, Daniel Gilmore

Special thanks: Joel Williams, Treeo83, Nxtrogen, Maia Nashira, Gwen Scanlon, Rakesh

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