Path of Exile CRUSHES Diablo 3? New Overwatch Map Reveals Widowmaker secrets (Gameplay)

With Path of Exile’s Fall of Oriath expansion releasing, how does it compete with Diablo 3’s Necromancer pack? Does PoE win? The Overwatch summer games just started, and already a new PTR is up with a new map and game mode: FFA Deathmatch and TDM, on Widowmaker’s home: Chateau Guillard. What secrets lie within?

BarbNut Barbarian analysis:

Mercy skin prediction:

Dancing dad:

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Executive producers: Kiskaloo, MohEternal, NickTick, Recramorcen, 2hoste, Toioiz, Shane Buller

Special thanks: Maia Nashira, Matthew Feiteira, Joel Williams, Neme5i5, TepidTurtle

Diablo 3: Der Mönch mit Patch 2.6.1 (Sets, Items, PTR) Diablo 3 2.6 Necromancer speed build: Inarius T13 (Guide, Season 11)
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